• Returning from Verona…

    Back home after the last Vinitaly, is always a pleasure, to say Thank you to the people who came to visit us and above all to meet.

    Happy to have obtained an important recognition, like that of the 90 points to our Pecorino Igp Terre di Chieti BIO 2018 assigned to us by 5Stars,  also this year our greatest satisfaction was to present our old vintages. At the stand available for tasting, the Colline Teatine Bianco IGP 2006, the Riesling Terra from Chieti PGI 2012, the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo on 2009… and then the Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Dop 2008 present and presented during a vertical organized by the Consorzio di Tutela Vini d’Abruzzo, led by Gambero Rosso journalists alongside various brands, including the famous Valentini.

    This is the link after the tasting .it/notizie/vinitaly-2019-report-cerasuolo-dabruzzo-lunga-vita-al-e-del-vino-rosa/?fbclid=IwAR1DSHNdTzKMo6TDVq4DNhSiK84Uivyw3WUkDAFS1S-DV65qAtcM3fmTeCE

    An indescribable emotion to open after 10 years a bottle of rosé from Montepulciano grapes fermented in barrique with those hints of caramel, toasting, light hints of fruit in spirit and spices. Certainly a label to be purged sparingly, selecting the company… but really a “trip” back in time… remembering where we started to get to today. 

    An important Vinitaly during which we have officially presented to the Italian market, as well as internationally, our organic line, uncorked Magnum and toasted with bubbles of over 48 months on the yeasts that have confirmed us, thanks to the many feedbacks that wait time rewards and Quality also.

    Animated by the results and loads of the new relationships undertaken, we are approaching the next appointment: we are waiting for you at Vinexpo in Bordeaux, Hall 1 CD90.

  • Not only Vinitaly 2019

    Few days to the Vinitaly, in addition to remembering our location, Hall12, Stand F2, (very close to the entrance of Re Teodorico), we suggest you some ideas to take advantage of your stay in Verona for visit some lovely places or join some of the side events.

    City made famous by the novel “Romeo and Juliet”, the delightful Venetian town, on the occasion of the Bacchus nectar fair it is colored with labels displayed in every showcase and comes alive with demonstrations in the square and along its streets.

    Just visit the website http://www.vinitalyandthecity.com to read about the numerous initiatives outside the Veronafiere exhibition halls.

    If within the extended areas of the fair, producers, consortia and operators of the sector work every day to organize tastings, verticals, insights, let’s not forget the beauty of some of the archtectonic places that can be easily reached on foot and can be visited in a short time.

    With pleasure we share a link https://luoghidavedere.it/luoghi-da-vedere-in-italia/veneto/route-per-visitare-verona-in-1-giorno_1801 that can be useful to those who want to combine a business moment with a few hours as a tourist… so as not to forget the opportunity to carve out moments of gastronomic relaxation in some of the numerous restaurants that offer typical dishes such as “Meat boiled with perà sauce”, “Risi e bisi” , the “Baccalà alla vicentina” … maybe paired with some extra-regional wine… from Abruzzo ?!

  • Few days to our appointment…

    Few days and the Prowein is arrived. In an atmosphere of great excitement for the news coming and the excitement of being able to present them to an international audience of winelovers and specialists in the sector, with pleasure we invite you again to come and visit us to be able to discover a territory together and taste the products that are its most authentic and faithful expression.

    In tasting you will find our new organic line, the new vintages, and an exclusive to discover and enjoy…

    We wait you!!
  • A rich month of satisfactions

    “Some days ago I left Italy, landed, arrived at the hotel and before going to bed to start a new adventure in the United States, checked the mails.

    Tired and confused by the trip, by jet leg… I read a message that gives me at least half the energy I lost: some of my wines have been awarded by

    Mondus Vini!

    Gold medal at the Reserve and Silver medal for two consecutive harvests at Riesling and Montepulciano!

    The Riesling is not a typical grape for our region and receive a similar award from the parents of this wine…in Germany, is for us a great satisfaction!!!

    A smile is printed on my face, my expression became relaxed…and I was very happy thinking to give the news to all those who have contributed to the realization of these unique works.

    Oh yes… Wine is also this.

    Wine is a Art: with the complicity of Nature, many people with their Heart, Body and Mind make it.

    And while the eyes are closed thinking about tasting the next day, the mind travels and the heart beats.. strong “.

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