“Some days ago I left Italy, landed, arrived at the hotel and before going to bed to start a new adventure in the United States, checked the mails.

Tired and confused by the trip, by jet leg… I read a message that gives me at least half the energy I lost: some of my wines have been awarded by

Mondus Vini!

Gold medal at the Reserve and Silver medal for two consecutive harvests at Riesling and Montepulciano!

The Riesling is not a typical grape for our region and receive a similar award from the parents of this wine…in Germany, is for us a great satisfaction!!!

A smile is printed on my face, my expression became relaxed…and I was very happy thinking to give the news to all those who have contributed to the realization of these unique works.

Oh yes… Wine is also this.

Wine is a Art: with the complicity of Nature, many people with their Heart, Body and Mind make it.

And while the eyes are closed thinking about tasting the next day, the mind travels and the heart beats.. strong “.

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